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What I liked: "Hands down Dr. Imran Khan is the best and most professional and courteous doctor in the hospital. He listens to our needs and is genuinely concerned for our welfare and well being. He has 40 years of medical experience and his knowledge and tactfulness is clearly top class."

I went for: Dialysis

Patient who saw Dr. Imran Khan in Tawam Hospital

Could improve: "great physician"

Patient who saw Dr. Jozef Hertecant in Tawam Hospital

What I liked: "I was very happy with Dr. Thikra's work. Not only was she highly professional but I also enjoyed her positive attitude and encouragement. My surgery was well done and I recovered without any complications. I would certainly recommend her to anybody else looking for a good doctor."

I went for: Cancer surgery

Patient who saw Dr. Thikra Hassan in Tawam Hospital

"What a wonderful doctor with great smile. I was very comfortable to discuss with him my medical problems. Thank you Dr Koutoubi"

Patient who saw Dr. Zaher Koutoubi in Tawam Hospital

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